Klasificering of the various difficulty levels on hikes

Difficulty levels

About 5-6 km. Height difference of up to 250 m.  2 hours of effective walking.
Easy hiking with light slopes up down on mostly gravel or asphalt road. It goes good with walking/hiking shoes.


8-10 km, difference in altitude of up to 500 m. 3 hours hike.
Medium-easy. Hiking on easy trails and dirt roads, with no major imperfections.The slopes will be a little longer but is not so steep. It goes well in walking/hiking shoes.


8-14 km; altitude difference max 700 m. 4 hours of effective walking.
Funds. Hiking on easy trails that often becomes uneven and rocky, shorter distances on dirt road.The route consists of more backs up as down and is bitwise steeper.Hiking boots are recommended for support in the Stonier.


10-18 km; altitude difference maximum 900 m. 5 hours of effective walking.
Medium-difficult. Walk on paths more often is rocky and uneven. There may be shorter distances where the trail is difficult to follow without a guide and yet can dirt road may occur. The route consists mainly of hills that at times can be steep. Walking Boots-shoes are a requirement.


10-20 km. Big height differences. About 6 hours of actual tough hiking on the bitwise right difficult dossiers and many steep. The trail runs exclusively in the hills, so it is a challenge and requires a good level of fitness and experience. Hiking boots is this a requirement.

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