Hiking Agiassos - Senatorio

Wander the ancient Kalderimi from Agiassos through fine chestnut forest, wild fruit trees. This hike is easy, and we go back and forth to Senatorio where the nature changed to pine forest. It is less than 3 km one way. We walk mostly on paved kalderimi through beautiful scenery where you wander in old footsteps on one of the old trails that once been important transport path between villages in beautiful Olympos mountains.

Start/Finish: At the bus park, the south entrance to Agiassos.

Lenght: 6 km. (linear).

Level difference: 200 m. (400/600 m).

Level of difficulty: Easy. Kalderimi, nature paths and shorter distances on dirt and asphalt road

Experience: Agiassos, passing six chapels. Chestnut trees, wild fruit trees, pine forests and wild flowers. Beautiful view. Natura 2000 area.



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