Hiking Melinda - Kournela

The trail goes from the sea into a beautiful valley where the mountains come closer and closer. We pass a few small simple farms and enters a varied and lush vegetation thanks to Selandras stream with water come from fountains in the mountains. Further into the valley, the walking will go uphill through olive groves to village of Kournela that are like an eagle nest high on the hills slope. The village is almost completely abandoned, and the adventure feeling is there when you walk on the paved streets surrounded by empty houses.

Start/Finish: Melinda.

Length: 7.5 km. (circular).

Level difference:  380 m. (0/380 m).

Level of difficulty: Medium. We walk on dirty roads, nature trails and Kalderimi.

Experience: Olive Groves, abandoned village of Kournela, nice views.



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