Hiking Thermi

A hike with a lot of content. One ingredients are Thermi. May you can say it´s three villages that have grown together. This trail also passed through the small village of Panagia as a bonus, which means that you can count in a fourth village. There is a lot of history in this area and there will be an exploration hike from the Early Bronze Age to nowadays. This hike is also spiced with a hot spring which was used as a healthy spa in ancient times.

Start/Finish: The port of Paralia Thermis.

Length: 7 Km. (Circulars).

Level difference: 85 m. (0/85 m).

Level of difficulty: Easy. We walk on dirty roads, paved roads, paths and shorter distance on asphalt.

Experience: Culture and history.

The hike can be combined with a visit to the monastery of Agios Raphael which is located on a hill just outside Loutropoli Thermi.  



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