Lesvos Magic Adventure

We are organizer of great hikes and excursions on Lesvos and Crete. Lesvos, which is the third largest island of the Greek archipelago, famous for the incredible natural and perfect for magical adventures and tours. This Island has probably the most accessible hiking trails across the Aegean Sea.

Crete is the largest island of Greece. A little bit more faumos to most people. The island is also big enough to find the genuine Greece and a wilderness and nature that attracts many hikers to the island. Crete offers good hikes in higher terrain in the mountains and also in many of the gorges to fine coastal hikes where mountains meet the sea. The long history of Crete is present all the time and it is a flavour of adventure.

It´s so much to explore on Lesvos and Crete, and we offer you tailor made excursions. We have hikes for everyone. Hikes for you with great walking habit who wants to challenge yourself at high altitudes, and for those with normal condition who want to enjoy this amazing island with easier walks.

We guide you there it´s always something to experience as nature, culture, or history, often included everything of this. We are also able to offer dog owners to bring your four-legged friends on our hikes. 

The possibilities are many. Let the magic adventure begin.



About Us

Mats Randow

I, Mats has always been interested in nature, fishing, hiking trips, bike trips and history and have many years of experience of hiking and made many walking trips and now have a lot of habit of both simpler hikes and very tough hikes. In addition to hikes at home in Scandinavia, I have on several occasions walked in Austria where I planned my own hikes and find good trails. I have also made a trip to the Azores where I both searched my own trails and followed on organized hikes on site. I find a little simpler hike on my visit to Malta and when I went to Ireland, I chose to go on an organized hiking trip. I have walked in many different environments and different difficulty levels. Much depends on the land and climate, and my various hikes in Asia (Thailand, Burma and Vietnam) were very special for the climate can get hot and humid and the terrain can be very difficult. I have also walked in Australia, even there under organized forms with guides.

My first hiking trip to Crete was in 2011. There I also planned my own excursions and hikes. All these hikes, which are presented in our Program, is well inventoried and walked several times.

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