Hiking Petra - Ligona Valley

It´s plenty of archaeological sites from ancient times and Roman times in Lesvos. On this hike, it´s instead early industrial history close to the nature to explore. Ligona valley has a unique nature with lava columns and plenty of water from the water spring that shaped the valley for millions of years. Nowadays it also includes the ruins of the old watermills in the landscape and that make the feeling of adventure stronger of the hike in the valley. The trail also takes you to the village of Petri on the hillside before the journey continues down to Petra on the flat land between the sea and the mountain.

Start/Finish: Just outside Petra.

Length: 8.5 km. (circular).

Level difference:  250 m. (10/260 m).

Level of difficulty: Easy. We walk on dirt roads, nature path and Kalderimi.

Experience: Agricultural land. Olive groves, poplars, plane trees, walnut tree, various varieties of oak trees, and wild flowers. Ruins. Lava formations and nice views.



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